The percentage of social security contributions was reduced this year.

For an annual net operational income of EUR 58,500, you pay 20.50%. For the EUR 58,500 to 86,230 bracket of net operational income, the percentage to be paid is 14.60%. For anything exceeding EUR 86,230, no additional contribution payment is required.

However, it should still be pointed out that the calculation of social security contributions for self-employed people is carried out in two phases:

For the first phase a provisional contribution is paid. This is calculated based on the (revalued) net professional income you made three years ago. In a second phase – at such time that the tax authorities know what your professional income is – the final contribution is calculated.

Then follows the settlement. Either you pay extra or – should you have paid too much at the close of the first phase – you will receive a refund.

In the event that you already have some insight into your income for this year, it is recommended that you as closely as possible to this income. This will help avoid expensive settlements.


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Jill Engelen

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In BOFIDI Jill is the central point of contact for payroll and juridical advice about social legislation. You can find more information on B-HRMS via B-hrms@bofidi.com.