Johan PeetersCEOJohan has extensive experience as a company auditor and in the industry, both in Belgium and abroad, as a manager, director and consultant. He is your point of contact at BOFIDI for matters relating to corporate finance. Johan is regularly invited to speak at events and seminars.
Johan Peeters
johan.peeters@bofidi.com02 234 68 86
Heleen VandekerckhoveVennoot BOFIDI Kempen
heleen.vandekerckhove@bofidi.com03 380 17 80
Rik VanhaerenDirectie BOFIDI Kempen
rik.vanhaeren@bofidi.com03 380 17 80
Toon VanhaerenVennoot BOFIDI Kempen
toon.vanhaeren@bofidi.com03 380 17 80
Hugo Bellemans