Our Mission
We aim to make enterprise simpler, more attractive and more challenging.
We continue developing the skills and knowledge of our team of advisors and staff, so that clients can consistently benefit from their high level of expertise.
We will encourage entrepreneurs to take their company to a higher level.


Our Vision
BOFIDI is the entrepreneur’s Partner.
We are more than Accountants.
We are Advisors and a sounding board.
We are a Confidential Contact for liberal professions and SMEs, to include international business.


BOFIDI guides entrepreneurs through every phase of the business process.
At the point of start up, during growth and in difficult times. Right until you pass on the business.


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At BOFIDI we get to know you, your business and your challenges, so that we can develop and help implement specific, tailor-made solution-driven advice..

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BOFIDI staff are easily accessible and approachable. This means excellent and regular contact with the client, through a single contact.


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BOFIDI and its staff aim to do more than they are asked, to exceed expectations by taking action and proactively offering advice. Together we set ambitious but realistic objectives.