Legal representation or a permanent establishment in Belgium can imply certain obligations under tax law.

But this needn't be complicated:

Simply choose BOFIDI as your partner.

Our team includes advisors who can help you with any tax issue!



"We see ourselves not just as accountants, but as advisers more than anything else. We can offer all kinds of tax advice just by looking at the figures. After all, our motto is 'Room for Business'."

Kristof van Hecke

Our advisors,
prepare your income and corporate tax returns,
assist or represent you during tax inspections and queries,
provide help with ruling procedures,
assist you with any questions you may have to provide clear information,
prepare and submit all compulsory VAT returns and listings,
and ensure that the complex VAT rules are correctly applied.

Not only do we help you meet your tax obligations, but we are proactive in finding the best possible solutions.