If you obtain information beforehand about all the opportunities, risks,
responsibilities and possible consequences you could encounter,
you will avoid any unpleasant surprises at a later stage in the process.
We listen carefully to your needs and inform you of the options available within the regulatory framework.
This way, everything will be taken care of for now, and for the future.

"As an entrepreneur you are always looking for the best technical knowhow and expertise. A good administrative and legal organisation supports you with your strategic choices and decisions, which is instrumental to the success of your business."

Sarah Marteyn

our advisers, 

offer support for entrepreneurs when it comes to:
setting up businesses,


acquisitions and divisions,

amendments to the articles of association,


drafting contracts.

You can rely on our extensive knowledge and expertise for a wide range of advisory services, but if your situation is highly specific you can also count on our partners for prompt and ready advice.