Did you know that you can apply for subsidies of substantial benefit to your business when it comes to specialised advice or training? This is on the condition that your business is an SME established in the Flemish Region and that you call upon a service provider registered for that purpose. This subsidy is known as the SME portfolio (“KMO portefeuille”).

The SME portfolio was thoroughly revamped on 1 April 2016. Specifically, the amount of the subsidy has been raised substantially and the separate maximum amounts for training and advice have been done away with. In practice this means that each year small businesses are now entitled to receive up to 10,000 euros in subsidies via the SME portfolio, and medium-sized businesses can even get up to 15,000 euros. Moreover, businesses are free to opt either for advice or training or for a combination of the two. For small businesses a benefit of 40% of costs applies, while for medium-sized businesses this is set at 30%.

Your file manager will be pleased to assist you with the criteria used to determine your status as a small or medium-sized business.

Bofidi is registered as a service provider based upon an independent audit using the SME standard. As a result, you can apply for this subsidy for various services that we offer (please note: accounting, legally-required advice and regularly recurring “normal” advice are not included).

Some situations in which the advice usually entitles you to a subsidy:

  • Founding, expansion or restructuring of an establishment abroad
  • Takeover of a company or business assets
  • You would like to make arrangements allowing your children to become involved in or take over the business
  • You would like to work out a business plan
  • Your company is restructuring (merger, demerger, etc.)
  • You would like to sell your company
  • New associates want to join, or you wish to reshuffle the current management structure
  • Financial restructuring
  • Measures to guarantee continuity
  • Investment analyses and feasibility studies

If you think you qualify for this subsidy for the advice you wish to receive from Bofidi, please let us know as soon as possible. Beware that a subsidy application must be submitted at the latest 14 days after the starting date of the advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you should have any doubts or questions about this subsidy.

You can check out all the details on the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship site. Bofidi will be happy to assist you further with a specific subsidy application.